Jewelry technology has come a long way- we use computer programs to build our designs, and now diamonds themselves can even be created in a laboratory.

At Ora, we are proud to offer our clients access to some of the world’s best earth-sourced, or lab-grown diamonds based on your personal reference.

Although some clients prefer to maintain the tradition of earth-sourced diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are almost chemically identical and do offer a great alternative:

Value : Lab-grown diamonds are priced approximately 30% less than their earth-sourced counterparts, meaning they essentially offer a greater sized stone for a smaller budget

100% Traceable : Although all our earth-sourced diamonds are from the highest ethical suppliers, some clients prefer to know their stones are created in a laboratory.

Beauty & Quality : Even the best gemologists struggle to tell earth-sourced and man-made diamonds apart with their appearance being almost identical

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